Do you cater to customers with nut allergies?

Yes, I swap out the sweet almond oil in my recipe for mango butter for those with nut allergies. Just leave a note about your nut allergies in the checkout note section.

Are all & ingredients products all natural?

Yes, all products are all natural, vegan, & organic.

How do I pick my scents for the hybrid option?

Leave your 2 chosen scents in the note box at checkout.

Are the butter baby/kid safe?

Yes, all our products cater to everyone, from those with gentle skin, to those with oily skin.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes, all wholesale (10+) orders require contact before or after the order is placed.

Do you do samples of your products?

Yes we do 1 oz. sample sets of our butters, scrubs, & candles, ranging from numbers of 5 to 10. Please text, call, or email us for more information.

What is the life expectancy or expiration time for products?

Between 2 years to infinity lol.