The heart of Covet Concoctions started with my Jamaican-born mother. She has a natural sense of physical splendor, one of the many things instilled in me by her. A lot of dermal products in the US are not sold in Jamaica, so my mother would bring a suitcase full of personal care products when we headed back to Jamaica. My mother most likely has the most lustrous skin in any room, in or outside the US.  When my mother strolls into her old neighborhood, everyone comes flocking. It doesn’t matter if they care about their skin or not. They want nice skin care products that weren't available for them. I didn't understand the importance until I was a little older.

Both of my parents are Jamaican. I was born in the US, when my mother immigrated in 2003. Growing up in an immigrant household really opened my eyes to how different American culture was to Caribbean culture. There are also similarities, especially in terms of the black communities. So, I never really felt out of place.

As a teenager, I first started getting acne and growing my hair out.  That’s when I really started taking an interest in skin and hair care, and learning more about it.  Around that time, I "discovered" shea butter and it became my holy grail. My interest and eagerness to learn more was pushed further by my time working as a Beauty Consultant for a major retailer.

As time went on, I started getting interested in essential oils, fragrances, body butters, candles, and more. I was also disheartened by reading the ingredients in other company’s products. I saw ingredients like Methylparaben, Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate, Panthenol, Perfume, Propylparaben, and Red Dye 33. Who wants to put all these chemicals on their skin?

I began by experimenting with different blends of all-natural oils and fragrances, keeping in mind that shea butter is king! I started taking the samples to work and selling them to co-workers and friends. I got feedback on those early sales and worked to perfect my recipes.

My goal is to grow Covet Concoctions into a social enterprise, donating a portion of sales to LGBTQ and BLM organizations. I will also use sustainable, reusable, or recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Ace Buchanan-Morgan, Owner